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Hello ... Splendid meeting you!
Greetings from Nashville Events by Design the Events Specialist, and the owners of Nashville Music Valley Banquet Ballroom, and Events Wedding Chapel at Music City Nashville Tennessee, in the Opryland area.
"We love bridal beauty, says Jackie Young".  "What is more beautiful to see than a woman on her wedding day? I enjoy the liberty and scope I am allowed in creating an occasion that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Most rewarding is to observe the Groom as he watches his truly breath-taking Bride walk down the aisle;  or a President of a company express sincerity gratitude for a job well done, and to shake my hand with a thank you for showcasing their company with such dignity and the bliss wow factor presentation;  (what a vision to behold)."  Over 38 years of diversified experiences.  Designing, Developing, Managing, Directing, Customizing, Coordinating and Perfecting Weddings, Private Events, Corporate Events and Business Meetings, Sales Networking, and Social Cocktail Parties since 1996.
Weddings, Meetings and Special Events:   We do all types of Events (female and male) in various styles. Corporate Meetings to Weddings, Family Reunions, Church Retreats, Book Signing, and Musicians Debut Release.  Our big advantage is that we understand design, which all started when I was only 5 years old going to sewing classes with my mother, me in the back of the room playing with my dolls, but tentatively listening and watching the class interact; and my mother taking time at home to answer my questions, putting me in her lap allowing me to guide the fabrics through the sewing machine, guiding me to design and make garments.  I am also a previous 13 year Bridal Store owner working and meeting with some of the top fashion designers in the country.  We also designed, edited, and published our own in-house Fashion Magazine for our bridal retail store.  A previous Model, and studying Business Administration, Fashion and Interior Design, minor Computer Science, also working as an Industrial Engineering Statisticial Analyst, as well as working International and Domestic Sales and Marketing concentrated in computerized Global Pricing Marketing Systems in Corporate America for 28 years.  We have the know-how, and professional skill sets on how to pull, and manage all the pieces of an event.  Whether your venue is an intimate garden setting in London England, Gaylord Opryland Nashville Tennessee, or another Hotel, a Small nice Banquet Room, or a Corporate Room, and an Elegant Grand Ballroom in downtown Nashville, Tennessee ... we can design a wedding, a meeting, a corporate event, or even a Family Reunion that suits your, your family, your friends, an Executive, or a co-workers expectations.
An Event Consutlant and/or Decor Stylist will be present throughout the day to conscientiously, but unobtrusively, oversee both the ceremony and the reception, or any type of event.  We meet with you and help you to clearly define and understand your dream, your vision.


Ceremonies, Receptions, Reunions, Retreats, Recitals, Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Conferences, or Meetings are created to your specifications so that your family, friends, guests, co-workers, and/or business partners can savor each moment of the event, and you will say;  "When I looked into the mirror.  I saw My VISION, or we accomplished "our objective", the business mix networking atmosphere was great, the goal was met, we had fun, or you might say the marketing structure of this event will definitely increase my bottom line profit margin.  My day I will never forget, and I will treasure forever".


"As a part of the Nashville Events by Design company mission, we vow to impact the communities in which we serve by donating time and resources to various causes." We encourage community partnership and collaboration between Nashville Events by Design, and diverse communities. Our goal is to use event planning as a format to change lives. Together we can make a difference!"


Jackie Young is one of the most sought-out event, wedding, and entertaining experts across the country.  Known for her innovation and impeccable attention to every intricate detail crafted to fulfill your vision. She has the knowledge and the experience in Domestic and International markets, with literature business agreements and working with currencies across the world - with translator support; as well as Corporate and Private Sectors having worked one-on-one with many cultures since 1970, and has owned an Event Planning business since 1996.  Jackies warm personality and professionalism help her clients relax as she creates and fulfill your visions.  Her ability to multi-task, organize, and execute each event flawlessly make her a trusted and ideal choice for clients; as she respective fully, carefully and creatively listens to your ideals and dreams.  Each event is unique, stunning, and caters to every clients individual tastes and personality.   YOUR VISION ... the BUDGET . PREPARATION . READY . SET ... and the PLAN EVOLVES


Jackie has been featured and made several television appearances on the morning, noon and evening television shows and the news on WKRN-TV2, WSMV-TV4, WTVF-TV5, WZTV-Fox 17, as well as features in magazines and newspapers.  She was amongst recognized and featured Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2001 in the Green Hills News, Belle Meade News, West Meade News West Side News, and Nashville Today newspapers.    She was featured in the Nashville Business Journal in 1996 - concurrently working in corporate and starting a home-based business in 1996, article titled "Uncertainty has many taking home business plunge".  She has done workshops and seminars with  honor students in Universities and Churches regarding career choices, and its options; Entrepreneurship vs the pros and cons of Fortune 500 corporate life style. Jackie has 28 years of diverse experience in Corporate America Domestic and International sales,  marketing, pricing, technical support, and industrial engineering. She has been a sole business owner since 1996 (concurrent job/business owner for 5 years, and full time entrepreneur since 1998. 


MVMA 2013 - 2014: Elected President for Nashville Music Valley Opryland Merchants Association

TWESA 2002 - 2010: Elected seated Board of Director for the Tennessee Wedding and Events Specialist Association

Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2001 - amongst recognized and featured Women Entrepreneurs of the Year 2001 in the

Green Hills News, Belle Meade News, West Meade News, West Side News, and Nashville Today newspapers

Note:  See Below  :::  "additional"  Professional Association Memberhips "full list"


Jackie was the wedding planner for Lynette Cole the 1st, and only Tennessee woman who has made top 5 at 5 major pageants Miss Tennessee Teen World, Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Miss Teen All American, Miss Tennessee USA, and Miss USA 2000. Since winning Miss USA, Cole has become a successful television host for NBC, CMT, ESPN, MTV, VH-1 and made many appearances on the television show 'As the World Turns'. Along with her hosting career, she has also appeared in numerous print advertising campaigns and commercials. She is executive director of the Miss Southern Tennessee and Southern Tennessee Teen pageants.  On  the Newstand The March 2005 issue of Allure magazine an article in which the reigning Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe were featured along with the groom Michael P. O'Nan.  Mentioned vendors: Wedding pictures by Benjamin Gibbs photography, and Wedding Coordinator Jackie Young. 

She has done weddings as large as over 1400 guest with Senators and Nashvilles Dignitaries in attendance, and a wedding party of 42 attendants; and she has done weddings as small as 50 guest and 2 attendants.  She has worked with bride/attorney residing in another state  planning their weddings with 3 face-to-face meetings, the groom overseas, Jackie in Tennessee and the wedding in Kentucky (everything went off without a hitch) see bride testimonial words.  She has  worked with Canadian and Ireland brides that were relocating from other countries, and there was no face-to-face meeting, all communications were done through email and telephone. Additional accommodations for the Ireland bride was wedding gown alterations by measurement.  The gown was ready upon her arrival to the USA according to specifiction, with no adjustments necessary.  Jackie has had a groom to decease three days before the wedding date, she has graciously and professionally dealt with that situation as a pro.

TREND SETTER "the 1st":

2000    LOCAL BRIDAL SHOWS and MAGAZINES - CULTURE MIX ADJUSTMENT:  Prior to the year 2000 Blacks and Latinos did not model in the fashion stage run-way segments of Bridal Shows in Nashville Tennessee, nor were they pictured in any of the local bridal magazines.  The year that I opened Jacquelines Bridal and Formal retail store (the first black owner of a bridal retail store in Nashville Tennessee), I insisted, explained the purpose, laid out a plan, and enforced change with the Show Producers, and Publishers in the two mentioned areas of exposure; and was successful in implementing these changes.  The year 2013 those changes are still recognized, and the culture mix continues today.

2002 - 2010    The first Black elected seated Board of Director for the Tennessee Wedding and Events Specialist Association

2003     PROFESSIONAL Bridal . Prom . Special Occasions . Business Apparel FASHION SHOW Extravaganza:  College Scholarship co-Sponsor, along with a former Corporate employer - Cummins Engine Filtration awarded a College Scholarship - Jackie was privileged to have planned, coordinated and presented a bridal and special occasions Bridal, Prom and Business Fashions show in 2003 at the Vanderbilt Stadium Club, with a social hospitality delight sponsored by the Vanderbilt Marriott with honorable mention Producer Director Karen Saunders from New York, New York television station ABC show 20/20 serving as Master of Ceremony and 42 fashion models: reigning Queens pass and current representing Tennessee and Kentucky Universities, as well as honorable mention reigning crowns Holders, and Pageant winners from the State of Tennessee and Kentucky Regional and State  Queens, plus a Tennessee Miss USA presentation.

2007 - 2011   PRIVATE FASHION MAGAZINE - RETAIL STORE BRIDAL PUBLICATION:  We were the Publisher, Editor, Journalist, and Print Management of an in-house retail store "Jacqueline's Bridal and Formal" fashion magazine with his and her fashion and industry journalism of fashion do's and don'ts, how-to's regarding shopping, selecting the best fit gown and accessories for your body type, event recommendations, his and her wedding planning timelines, featured Vendors and contact information, and how to select the right vendor for your event and personality type.  Distribution out-reach was Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama.

2009    BRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER NATIONWIDE TOUR - MAKING MEMORIES:  Cure of Cancer and Funder Raiser Supporter - Jackie managed, planned, coordinated, promoted, did marketing and advertising, co-sponsored and welcomed the "Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns" into Nashville Tennessee for the first time in May 2009.  The Making Memories proceeds went to GRANT A WISH for the terminally ill breast cancer patients, preventive care and education.  Check out our community services page.

2013 - 2014    The first Black elected acting President for Nashville Music Valley Opryland Merchants Association

Testimonials - Corporate co-worker and a College Intern:

(testimonials not only from our Clients) but also note what a previous Corporate co-worker, and an Intern had to say;

Diane L. worked with Nashville Events by Design at

Fleetguard Inc. & Cummins Diesel Engine and Filtration

Note: a previous Corporate co-worker


Jackie Young is one of the most inspirational and accomplished people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Her grasp of any business she tackles is deep and comprehensive. Jackie is never satisfied with "okay"; she strives every day to be the best at what she does--not competing with anyone but herself.

When we worked together at Fleetguard/Cummins, Jackie was a force to be reckoned with, writing algorithms and creating customer service computer programs that no one even in our IT department had any idea how to replicate or improve upon.

Every time I talk to Jackie I learn something new and feel uplifted. She is an amazing woman. 

Diane - March 1, 2013.


Kami Shahid worked/ interned

with Nashville Events by Design in 2008

University - College Intern


I was SO blessed to be able to spend a few minutes with Jackie today, with a flight lay-over, and passing through Nashville!  When I was a student, Jackie taught me the ins and outs of the world of entrepreneurship.  I learned how to turn creative ideas into new revenue streams... how to switch into beast mode and make it happen. 

She also taught me the importance of giving back and always being a student of life.  To be the best, you have to learn from the best.  Everyone needs a mentor!!  Do YOU have a mentor?    Kami Shahid - July 17, 2013





Note Example:  Destination Wedding for Stephanie and Brian ~ to be wedded in Hopkinsville Kentucky

Bride and Groom current resident:  Bride in Indiana/ Law School, and Groom in Mayport Florida/ Navy 

Wedding and Reception Event Planner:  Nashville Events by Design

NEbD Task:  Wedding Planner . Director . Advisor . Management of Decor, Gowns, and full Event in KY. from TN

I first met Jackie at a Nashville,Tennessee bridal show. My first impression of her and her staff was that they were professional and knew how to get the job done (and boy was I right on the money).

I really needed someone like that to coordinate, and plan our wedding because I was attending law school in Indiana, and my then fiancé was in the Navy and stationed in Mayport, Florida and our wedding was taking place in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Oh, and did I mention that we had a bridal party of 14, all of which who live all over the country.

We truly needed someone that was organized and helpful and that is what we found at Jacqueline’s Bridal. Jackie was a natural selection for Brian and I because she was kind, patient and very creative. I can truly say that on the day of our wedding we did not have to worry or think about anything. We truly enjoyed the day and it was the happiest day of my life. All of my dreams came true on that day and I can honestly say that May 28, 2005 was a perfect day.

Jackie, thanks a million!  Stephanie and Brian ~ May, 2005

We met with a bride Stephanie three (3) times total, and mapped out the event plan over a period of a year, met Brian the groom only once, drove to Hopkinsville Kentucky once to meet with the venue director, and the church; and everything else was taken care of (with limited contact, because of their schedules) by telephone, social media,  and our website gallery.  Stephanie had law exams two (2) weeks prior to her wedding, packed for a relocation, and met with movers the week before her wedding; and she arrived in Hopkinsville Kentucky for their wedding (the week of her wedding).  Our staff  was prepared, and had everything prepared for them, and ready to go for the wedding.  The wedding went off without a hitch.  Stephanie and Brian was a very happy Bride and Groom.  


Note Example:  Destination Wedding for Nancy & Luke ~ to be wedded in Nashville, TN. from Ireland

Bride and Groom current resident:   Ireland 

Wedding and Reception Event Planner:  Nashville Events by Design

NEbD Task:  Wedding Planner . Director . Advisor . Management of Decor, Gowns, and full Event in TN.

The "Sloan" sisters:   For Luke and I, the story of our relationship has always been far from ordinary. We met while studying abroad in France, with him from Ireland and me from the US, and struggled through 2 years of really long distance dating. When we finally found ourselves engaged a couple of years later, I was living in Ireland and quickly discovered that the logistics of planning a wedding from abroad could be even more complicated. Luckily, I had Jacqueline to help me through it, to make sure that my dress was ordered and ready for my fitting when I arrived back in Nashville just three months prior to the wedding. She made sure that the bridesmaids dresses were ready on time, and provided me with tips on a range of vendors that I had yet to secure, including a photographer and caterer. When the day of the wedding arrived, Jacqueline was on hand to oversee the occasion and to iron out any last minute glitches. The service she provided was above and beyond, and when it was time for the reception, Jacqueline was there, not as a coordinator, but as a close friend."

Brandon and Anna wanted to have their wedding before they started studying for the bar exam, the weekend after they graduated and before their bar preparation class started. Anna asked her sister Nancy to be her Maid of Honor. One complication for Anna was that Nancy was leaving in January to go to Ireland to be near Luke and was not returning until shortly before Anna's graduation. Anna was very concerned about Nancy not having time to get her dress properly altered. Anna first visited another bridal shop in Michigan and was very disappointed when they suggested that she mail Nancy's dress to her in Ireland to have it altered. While at home for the Christmas holiday, Anna's Mom suggested that they visit Jacqueline's Bridal Shop. While there they found a beautiful Eden's Maids dress that looked perfect on Nancy. Anna was so happy to hear that Jacqueline could accept the measurements for her out of town bridesmaids by telephone or email and then ship the dresses to the girls. And Anna was even more excited when Jacqueline offered to take Nancy's measurements before she left and have the alterations completed before Nancy returned from Ireland. On the day of the wedding, all three of the bridesmaids looked absolutely beautiful in their thistle colored A-line dresses with champagne colored sashes. Overall, Jacqueline went above and beyond, and Anna and Brandon would like to thank her for all of her help.


Nancy & Luke . Anna & Brandon ~ September, 2005


Review more of our clients testimonial kudos, and thoughts.



After nearly 10 years, AshleysBrideGuide.com has come to an end. Today is our last feature. And while our blog is known for showcasing perfect wedding photos, today, I have no wedding photos to share, just words from my heart to yours.  "If you know me, you know this is not goodbye. This is see ya later."   If ABG has touched your life in any way, please leave a note for Ashley in the comments section.


Ashley, you will be missed ... I am proud of you, your dedicated endurance, and your shared ABG 10 years journey.

Best Wishes.  Jackie … April 2, 2016 at 2:26am


***  Jackie Young. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You were one of my earliest inspirations  …   Ashley King ***



As a professional, we will represent each client fairly, honestly, and confidently,

providing all agreed-to-services in a timely and cost efficient manner,

as well as operate an establishment that is a credit to the community.




Planning and Coordinating

Events since 1996.

We have consulted, directed and coordinated Weddings, Corporate Retirements, Corporate Network Events, and Sales Parties, and other Special Events with as few as 2 attendants, and 50  guest; and  as many as 50 attendants and 1500 guest.  We have worked and planned events with a 24 months lead time and those with as little as 2-4 months lead, or a couple of weeks.  We have worked with different religious beliefs, and different cultures.

We have worked with budgets of $5K up to $150K. 

Our team has supervised formal set-down and buffet meals, country club, convention centers to simple but elegant ballrooms, out-door nature events, and botantical gardens whereas the entire setup has to be coordinated within 4 hours prior to ceremony/event start-up; with a customized ceremony and/or reception with perks to  exact specification. 

Carrie & Thurman

Church Ceremony

Video Highlights

Wanda & Donald:  "Why you should hire a Wedding  Planner"?

      Mia & Rafael

Outdoor Ceremony

   Video Highlights

Linda & Lawrence:

"Why you should hire a Videographer?"

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                                                   Nothing is too small, nor too big for us.

EVENTS MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...


~ Let us do it for You - Weddings . Receptions . Private Parties . Corporate Functions ~

No need to sift through everything out there to find the ideal invitation, unusual bridal party gifts, fabulous

favors, and innovative ideas to make your wedding, private event, or a large networking corporate event unique—our

event specialist, and/or consultant experts will advise, guide, assist, and partner with you, helping to do it for you,

creating your dream into reality!


  • Our trained consultants will walk you through everything you need and want, answering any questions you may have along the way. Whether your style is traditional, modern, romantic, glamorous, rustic, southern belle, elegant antebellum, classic, vintage, shabby chic, renaissance, or 1000's of guests you’ll find everything you need to create your day your way.
  • If we don’t have the answers at our finger tip, we will research, and/or communicate with our other networked professionals to get the answers for you.


~ "Don't be afraid to ask?" ... Professional Assistance is Priceless ~


True and Yes ... it does cost to hire a professional Event Specialist, and/or Event Planner. However, when hiring a well

networked and connected professional you will recognize your savings in time and money in the total overall expense.

Be assured of its cost effectiveness, you will know your category expense allocations upfront, there maybe some

juggling requirements to keep you within the pre-established guidelines, but at the end of day you're there (you're

within budget).



EVENTS MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...

Is your Event Vision realistic? ... We have the tools to unravel the pieces ...

~ There are "(3) Major Q&A's" needed ... to accomplish YOUR GOAL ~

1.) What's your Vision?   2.) What's the Event Objective?   3.) What's your Budget?


NOTE:   A projected financial result can not be professionally predicted, without sound knowledge of the event vision, the objective for an end result, and how much you have budgeted to meet the goal;  then a scope analysis is done based on the event overall goal to be accomplished.  After all planned items are considered, as well as a review of the planned timeline to accomplish the task, then a projection of a successful event can be determined, and delivered.

Your memories of your wedding, corporate, conference, convention, and/or special event day are priceless, but you’re going to have to trust someone with those priceless memories. So how much do you invest into someone else’s time, talent/ skill, knowledge, and professional equipment? 

Our pricing reflects our years of experience in our craft, our utter passion for creating a stimulating works of art, and the

immense amount of time it takes to produce your very special event day, working with family, friends, co-workers, vendors,

site visits, travel, consultations, media, research, the detail correlations of the day, and of course the day of  management.   

We create weddings and events in a whole new light, each couple’s or client day will be uniquely personalized to them, as

seen through your eyes.  We keep things simple the day of the event.  

You sit back and just enjoy the day as it unfolds as we handle the moments and  minute details that make the day so special.

 We do all of this unobtrusively the day of your event as we hold each  job very close to our heart.

One of the greatest compliments we hear from our clients is: “we thought we would be stressed, but every time we had a

question, you had already taken care of it!”

Probably the most rewarding part of our job is the moment, the day of your event when we (and you ) witness the finished

product, and to see the smile on our clients face. 

We are well networked both in industry standards and social media, we frequent vendors and venues with visits and verbal

communications regularly, association organizational memberships are a plus for sharing, we are a breasted with industry

fashion, interior design, colors, and decor style trending.  


Our Team and Management Experience

We have been Planning and Coordinating Professional Events

Corporate Events Since 1970 - Private Events Since 1996


Our Job ...

North America Event Management.  We plan, direct, coordinate weddings, management event sites, decorate for all types of public affairs, produce and coordinate theme corporate and private events.


We do ...

Weddings Planning, Wedding Day Coordination, Corporate Events, Business Meetings, Theme Convention Events, Event Decorations, Ceiling and Wall Draping, Italian Lighting, Table and Chair Linen Rentals, Candy Buffet Dessert Bars, Professional Event Up-Lighting, and all types of Event Rentals.   We have a Banquet Ballroom, and a Events Wedding Chapel for Receptions, Private Parties, Ceremonies, Reunions and Corporate Meetings. The Venue and Chapel is available for event rental space.  We are a full service - one source service entity.  Call for additional details.  Click to view more.


Ordering Invitations Online

Our Team is

Professional and “only” perform Quality Work

We Dress well and professional to blend with the Occasion

We are Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Accommodating

On-Time, On-Schedule for Rendered Services.

Support System

As well as, our team consist of, and includes trained and experienced Video Cameramen, Digital and High Definition Video Editors, trained, educated and experienced Wedding and Event Directors, Coordinators and Mediators, Professional Decorator, Staging and setup, Full Event

Management from A to Z.  Magazine Editorial and Publisher, editing and design layouts.  Our Stylist are fashion friendly matching design structure to body types for both male and female, knowledgeable in Sales and mannerable with a strong Support aptitude.


Jackie Young
North America Event Specialist - "One Source"  Consulting, Planning, Directing, Designing, Meetings and Production for Special Events, both individuals, Couples, and Corporate since 1996.  Achieving expectations with grace, honor, pleasure and excitement.  Name the Place, State your Vision ...  We can handle it all.  Also, note that "We love bridal beauty".  "What is more beautiful to see than a woman on her wedding day?   Whether it's a wedding, or a corporation function - we enjoy the liberty and scope that we are allowed in creating an occasion that will be remembered for a lifetime.  Most rewarding is to observe a Groom as he watches his truly breath-taking Bride walk down an aisle, or a President of a company express sincerly gratitude for a job well done, and to shake my hand with a thank you for showcasing his company with such dignity and the wow factor presentation;  (what a vision to behold)." Over 32 years of diversified experience.  Designing, Developing, Managing, Directing, Customizing, Coordinating and Perfecting Weddings, Corporate Events and Business Meetings since 1996.


Sue Davies-Rephan

Weddings Officiant   ...   Ceremony Vows Ordain Chaplin ...  and Sign your marriage license + Fresh Flower Bouquet Florist ... in-house on-call availability Chaplin.  Events Coordinator, and Site Event Manager.


Sandra Wright-Laribo

Wedding Day Coordinator, Event and Decorator Assistant, and Event Decor Setup in-house.  Event Coordinator - Very structured, and a great organizer.  Event setup, and Site Event Manager. 

Gina Howard


Event and Decorator Assistant, and Event Decor Setup in-house.  Very structured, and a great organizer.  Event setup, and Site Event Manager.



Jaimie Olson

Event Planner ... Wedding Day Coordinator, Event and Decorator Assistant, and Event Decor Setup in-house.  Event Coordinator - Very structured, and a great organizer.  Event setup, and Site Event Manager. 

Great Team Leader, Organizer, Planner, Public Relations.



Event Coordinator - Very structured, and a great organizer.  Event setup, and Site Event Manager.  Song writer, Record Artist, Album released. Model and, Fashion Coordinator.  Previous reigning University Queen.

Great Team Leader, Organizer, Planner, and Public Relations.

Valerie Mabry
Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Stylist ...
Valerie is a well rounded versatile individual; she is a professionally trained cosmetologist and management professional, very structured and organized. She studied at Trevecca Nazarene University where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Management and Human Relations and a Masters degree in Management. Over 16 years ago Valerie decided to pursue her passion for the fashion and beauty industry and successfully established a solid clientele that has followed her career through all its growing pains and its triumphs.  Her natural sense of style and unconventional creative ability is the catalyst that takes her clients ideas from a maybe, to a magnificent show piece of ‘I can’t believe it’s so’ unbelievable; creating a smile of  pleasure, joy, and happiness every time.
Wanda Jefferson Gaines
Wanda recently graduated with a Masters in Business Administration 2011 from University of Phoenix; she enjoys working with the public, meeting people from different nationalities – assisting with, helping to materialize a client idea into its realities.  Taking a client ideas and making their dreams come true.  Wanda says, I feel joy and happiness, that I was able to bring joy - peace - happiness into the hearts of our clients; it's like watching my grand baby smile and giggle when she’s happy.  It is a thrill for me to make a client happy, and see them smile with joy.  In my spare time I enjoy making candles, decorating, and spending time with my family. Wanda’s tender nature, ability to listen and kind spirit makes her a great fit to our team.


Lynn Mabry McSwine


Nail Technician, Stylist, Venture Capital Analyst ...

Lynn is very outgoing; she is a professionally trained nail technician with 11 years of experience within the beauty and fashion industry. She obtained her training at Tennessee’s top nail school, Tennessee School of Beauty located in Knoxville, TN.  Lynn attended Austin Peay State University where she focused her studies in Accounting.  The education she gained at Austin Peay has been invaluable to clients seeking an affordable yet elegant solution to their event planning ventures.  Lynn has 8 years working experience as a banking executive giving her a perceptive edge in negotiating the services of quality vendors in addition to have worked in some of the most prestigious spas in Tennessee such as Garden Bien -  Knoxville, TN  and Athena Health Club & Day Spa – Brentwood, TN.   Lynn prides herself on her innate ability to listen to her clients and bring life to their visions.


 Lahronda McLemore

Originally from Franklin Tennessee.  Recently graduated from design school, with an ultimate goal in life to become a successful designer, creating and designing unique clothing, shoes and accessories.  I love the creativity and design not only for clothings, but also the transformation of a event into a beautiful room that a client will adore.  I love fulfilling their dreams.  Currently in Nursing School.


Christie Beckman

Our child care expert.  The office administrator, the organizer that keeps everything alanced ( the office, and the client).  Show producer, meet and greeter.  Organize and Management local and traveling client "child and adult" events and activities.  Event Scheduler and Director for Weddings, and Events.


Nelson Young

Audio and Video Engineer.  Program Analyst and Programmer.  Venue sound system, ipod, mp3, flash drives,  stero, lighting, draping, computers, Wi-Fi,  projectors, televisions and screen maintenance.  Manage and Events Assistant, Meetings, and setup, Ceiling and Wall Draping and events tear-downs.  Strong Support Staff.


Nelson Young

Professional Videographer.  Professional Editor, Shooter of  Video and Audio Sound for Weddings and Special Events + Photo Montages. William Robinson and Nelson discussion @ an event.  William is Video Assistant


Marcelle Hamberg

Professional and Master Videographer.  Professional Editor, Shooter of  Video and Audio Sound for Weddings, Special Events, Commericals, and Musicial Videos.  + Enteractive Training Videos, and Graphic Artist.



Victoria Lyum

Professional men and women alterations.  Over 30 years of experience.  Victoria is superb with Wedding Gown alterations.  Everything ... men wear, everyday wear.


Team “combined” History

Business Management and International Experiences, strong technical and computer software application knowledge,

fashion and interior designers, great listeners and  communicators, strong people skills, decorators, child

nourishment and educator, above average event organizers, social connections and well networked within the corporate

circle, wedding, event and convention industry making our jobs easier to complete, customer vision match

faster, more proficient with confidence, recommendations with assurance when correlating and assembling an event.



Our Recommendation to our bride - to get the better service:

"Call for an appointment, let's share, let's discuss your vision and questions that are curious to perfecting your day, perplexing or challenging to your soul, be upfront, know the event atmosphere that you desire, have an idea of your vision, your colors, your dream venue appeal, state your budget and please be honest so that we can help you to get the most for your dollars (usually there’s always alternatives if it becomes necessary), every bride, every person, at every event there are freedom of choices and desires, you can have a beautiful event within budget (some events require more creativeness than others). Don't be afraid to ask for professional assistance". True and yes, it does cost you to hire a professional event Stylist and/or Planner. However, when hiring a well networked professional you will recognized your savings in time and money in the total overall expense. Be assured of its cost effectiveness, you will know your category expense allocations upfront, there maybe some juggling requirements to keep you within the pre-established guidelines, but at the end of day you're there (you're within budget). You will feel carefree and relaxed on your event day. You will be able to visualize your day as if it is a picture framed and/or a snap shot of your dream. You will feel like a well cared for guest at your own event on "your" special day. Best wishes and congratulations on your decision.


Richland Country Club, Legends Country Club

Cannery Ballroom and Mercy Lounge

Pinnacle Downtown Nashville

Cheekwood Bontanical Gardens, Christ Church at Old Hickory

Brentwood Methodist Church, Riverwood Mansion

Temple Church at Kings Lane, Holiday Inn Express Opryland

Lake Providence Baptist Church, Banquet Hall of Nashville

Vanderbilt Stadium Club, First Baptist Church Capitol Hill

Nashville University Club at Nashville

Hendersonville Church of Christ, The Factory at Franklin,

Scarritt-Bennett Center, Schradder Lane Church of Christ

Saint Bernard Convent Place, Gaylord Opryland, USA, Two Rivers Mansion

Two Rivers Baptist Church, House of God Pentecostal

Marriott Hotel at the Airport, First Church of the Nazarene

Loews Vanderbilt Plaza, Music City Sheraton Hotel

Holiday Inn at Brentwood, AKA Ivy Center, Palmer Place

First Presbyterian Church at Franklin Road

Saint Vincent DePaul, Pentecostal Tabernacle

Fisk Jubilee Chapel, World Baptist Center

Mount Zion, Hopkinsville Kentucky Convention Center,

Nashville Convention Center, The Hermitage, Travellers Rest

Eastwood Christian Church, Embassey Suites, Nashville Convention Center,

Mercy Lounge Cannery Ballroom, Frontier Room,

The Market Street Room, The Ryman Room,

Music Valley Event Center, Music Valley Banquet Ball Room,

Music Valley Events Chapel

Several areas in Kentucky, Alabama and Michigan

All over Tennesse and it's surrounding Counties

And many, many more churches, hotels and centers, too many to mention ….


Nashville Tennessee, Davidson counties. Middle Tennessee and, the areas of Knoxville, Chattanooga, Columbia, Gallatin, Lebanon, Clarkesville, Tullahoma, Franklin, Gatlinburg, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Brentwood

Out of State includes:  Atlanta GA, Hopskinville KY, Bowling Green KY, Louisville KY, Detroit MI, New Jersey NJ, Flordia, Harrisburg PA,  plus more …


As a professional, we will represent each client fairly, honestly, and confidently,

providing all agreed-to-services in a timely and cost efficient manner,

as well as operate an establishment that is a credit to the community.

Professional Memberships

(past and current during our career)

NEbD, Nashville Events by Design

Jacqueline's Bridal & Formal Salon is and has been a member of various

Tennessee, International, and World-Wide "Bridal, Event and Wedding" Associations

  • Jackie was a Board of Directors for "8 years" with TWESA (2001-2007) membership elected
  • MVMA, Music Valley Merchants Association at Opryland - President 2013-2014
  • Nelson was a Board of Directors for "2 years" with TWESA 2008 membership elected
  • NCVB, Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, member since 2010
  • MVMA, Music Valley Merchants Association, member since 2007
  • TWESA, Tennessee Wedding and Events Specialist Association, Inc. member since 2000 - 2010
  • WEVA, Wedding Event Videographers Association, International
  • ABC, Association of Bridal Consultants, International
  • Tennessee Board of Experts for WeddingChannel.com
  • NAFE, National Association for Female Executives, Inc.
  • NNA, National Notary Association, Inc.
  • Tennessee Notary Public at Large
  • Toastmaster International
  • Stanford Who's Who of America & International
  • Women Entrepreneurs of the year 2002 (special business and community recognition)
  • BABC, Brides against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour 1st time in Nashville TN. 2009 (Sponsor, Host and Show Producer)
  • Google Maps 2009 -Google nominated our business as "We're a Favorite Place on Google" for high traffic
  • Google #066184 - Jacquelines Bridal Formal -
  • Google Users found our business listing 28,520 times within one quarter (7/1 and 9/30/09)

Professional Membership Organizations


In Business Since 1975 in conjunction to working in the private sector

Private Sector Corporations Worked


My Career started in 1970 while attending UTN

as a Fortune 500 Corporation Professional

General Electric Company, Inc - 3 years

an Account Receivables & Payables Bookkepper

Then Corporate Payroll for 13 subsidaries, and story continues to

Firestone - Bridgestone Tire and Rubber Company, Inc - 15 years

Industrial Engineering Statistical Analyst

Industrial Technical Support Specialist and Programmer Analyst

Fleetguard - Cummins Engines Companies, Inc - 10 years

3rd, 4th and 5th Generation Software Program Application Specialist

International and Domestic Marketing, Coporate Sales and International Pricing Management,

Multi-lingual printed and Electronic Pricing System Management

Companies Worked "over a period of  28 years":


Bridal Retail Store owner 1999 -2012



Store Closes July 2012 after a 13 years Store Front Retail Operation


Video:  Educational Bridal Interview for the Bride and her Attendants

Video:  Formal Bridal Fashion Show, and a Video Kudo Clip

Print Material:  a Magazine Bridal Fashion Publication, and Newspaper Featured Clips

Bride Kudo Video Clip


 Since 1975

Entrepenuership Part-time, in conjunction to Full-time Corporate Employee

Started Bs Mgmt Company: Small Business Electronic Program Development, Small Business Electronic Computer Systems Construction, Career Trainer & Advisor, Consultant and Job Placement


                                    Since 1996                                       

Corporate - Social Events & Wedding Planner, plus Videographer

Since 1996

Started Social and Event Business: plus Tuxedo Rental and Sales

Since 1998

 Resigned from Corporate America - Entered into Full time Entrepenuership

Corporate - Social Events Planner

Wedding Day Coordinator, Director & Wedding Planner

Wedding Consultant & Stylist

Professional Videographer and Editor


Open and Operated an Event Planning Business

Since 2000

Opened and Added: Retail Bridal Store front

Jacqueline's Bridal Formal w/Wedding Planning Company

Fashion Designer Bridal Gowns and BridesMaid Dresses, Professional Alterations

Fashion Designer MOB Designer, Fashion Apparel Market Buyer

Manage and Operations of Purchasing Department, Accounting, and Human Resources

Since 2002

     Graphic Artist, Editor & Publisher: in-house

Fashion Magazine Publisher, Design and Editor Division, Web Design and Publisher

Since 2008

What's to come?

   Our Company is built and based on Loyalty and High Morale Standards

2010 New Focus:

Corporate Meetings and Social Events Planner

Wedding Day Coordinator, Event Management & Director,

Consultant & Stylist, Property Event Management

These endeavors are in conjuction to operating a Bridal Retail Store

Closed 2011-12 after 12 years of  serving our community

Jacqueline's Bridal Formal - the bridal and tuxedo retail store

Retail Store Owner . Designer, Factory Direct and Market Merchandise Buyer

Purchasing Department Manager . USA Coop Private Gown Designer

Community Sponsored Services . HR Manager . Internship Mentoring


Brides, Mothers, Maids and FlowerGirls:  Bridal Gowns, BridesMaid

"anything for the little Miss Queens - one day to-be a bride"  + Cotillions

The Men & Boys Tuxedo Suite

Wedding Day Coordination, Event Planning and Decorating

Professional Videography - A LifeTime Video Production

Invitations in-house and online

Gloves, Shoe, Veil, Tiaras, Hosiery and Bridal Accessories

Venue for Weddings, Receptions, plus other Social Parties

Since 2011

 Opened an Event Banquet Ballroom Venue and Wedding Chapel: 

Music Valley Event Center and Wedding Chapel

Six Divisions

Nashville Events by Design - the Wedding and Event Planners

Music Valley Ballroom for Banquets - the venue at Opryland for meetings and party place

Music Valley - Wedding Chapel at Music Valley Opryland

Glanton Skyline venue near Germantown overlooking downtown Nashville Tennessee

Event Travel - World Venture - "Best Buy" Destination, Leisure Travel, and HoneyMoons

A LifeTime Video Production - professional video and editing


Fashion and Interior Design, Reading, Networking, Computer Analysis, Travel

Thank you for stopping by to visit with us.

“Our daily business feed”

My business internal strength comes with knowing that it’s a journey, and I claim those things I desire:

Growing and learning will “never” stop. Sometimes I will stumble, but I will not fall.  “But” if I do fall

I will not wallow in self-pity; I “will” get up. I am not flawless. I must be open to challenges and never

lose sight of my projected destination, I will network, love, and be happy and have strong moral values,

I believe and I have faith, I will keep good supportive and open-minded people in my life to share and

endure. I believe all things are possible to those that ask, I must put forth the effort, have courage and

the empowerment to conquer and keep the faith.  ~jackie~

God Loves Me, and I Love Him, too.


North America Event Specialist

Producer and Stylist

Nashville Tennessee finest - in Weddings, Receptions

Special Events, Meetings, Family Reunions, Conventions and Specialized Planning

Stylist will work together with you to fit all the event pieces together with style off-and-on location. WE WILL HANDLE EVERY DETAIL

... freeing you of the stress and hassle so you can enjoy your special day. Event and Production Coordinator and Planner since 1996.

Event Center Locations

Music Valley Ballroom and Banquet Events

Wedding Chapel

Music Valley Events Chapel - "Multi Functional Flex Room"

Professional Services

Ceiling and Wall Draping

Professional Event Up-Lighting

Event Party Rentals

Candy and Dessert Bar

Wedding Planner . Wedding Day Coordinator . Corporate Planner . Private Event Specialist

Travel Schedueling and Booking

Event Travel Plus - World Ventures


A LifeTime Video Production

Professional Shooting and Editing "Weddings and Special Events"



                     Main Office Phone: 615.562.3535 -or- Consultant Phone:  615.562.3619 

     Email Contact:

Studio Location:   Music Valley Ballroom and Music Valley Wedding Chapel @ Nashville Tennessee Music Valley Opryland

Office Address:    2416 Music Valley Drive . Suite 115 . Nashville Tennessee . 37214