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NASHVILLE EVENTS BY DESIGN create and plan events that exceed your expectations.   All you need to get started is a Dream, or a Theme. Your VISION. We'll handle the rest from there.   "We fulfill your dream.   We design your vision."

We also do, Corporate Functions ... Meetings, Weddings, Conventions, Conferences, Parties, Private Events, Family Reunions, and so much more.

We offer you a wealth of knowledge, VENUES - Music Valley Ballroom and Music Valley Wedding Chapel, in-house inventory, professional planners, a host of networked professional vendors, and we guide you through the process so you can make informed business, and event decisions. We believe that event management is an intricate part of developing and shaping the brand of our company while showcasing your style and the individuality of your event.

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Music Valley Ballroom

Music Valley

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The Local and Destination Weddings


Destination Wedding:  Miramar Beach Ceremony

and Music Valley Ballroom Reception

Reception Theme:  "the beach"


Weddng and Reception held at the Mercy Lounge Cannery Ballroom




Friday, May 18, 2012, was a huge success because of Jackie with Nashville Events by Design. they made our day special and the decor was just right. Thank you Nashville Events by Design for putting such a genuine effort that money couldn't pay for.

Daniel and Toya Kadebs



The Destination Wedding:  NEbD met the bride

face-to-face the day before the wedding.

Coordination Method:  Social Media & Internet Networking

Action:  Video Time Lapse setup in action below


... at an "EXTERNAL" VENUE



                  Cermony:  Church

 Design:  Yellow and Black/White Damask

Reception held at Music Valley Banquet Ballroom ... Ceremony at the Church


The Bridal Fashion Magazine Shoot at Seaside Florida


The Seaside Florida Model becomes a Bride ... has an Outdoor Wedding


The Corporate Event

By NEbD:

  Event Planner . Director . Coordinator . Decorator Management


Before Setup


After Setup


The Social Cocktail Corporate Event


   By NEbD:  Hotel DECORATOR


NEbD Setup and Onhand Inventory NEbD Setup and Onhand Inventory
NEbD Setup and Onhand Inventory NEbD Setup and Onhand Inventory
NEbD Setup and Onhand Inventory NEbD Linen and Decor Accessories


The Corporate Travel Agency Holiday Event

By NEbD:

 Celebration Party at Music Valley Banquet Ballroom


Decorate "any location" we have

Internal Inventory

We are Event Planners  .  We are Decorators


                                                    Nothing is too small, nor too big for us.

MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...


~ Let us do it for You - Weddings . Receptions . Private Parties . Corporate Functions ~

No need to sift through everything out there to find the ideal invitation, unusual bridal party gifts, fabulous

favors, and innovative ideas to make your wedding unique—our bridal experts will advise, guide and assist, helping to do it for



  • Our trained consultants will walk you through everything you need and want, answering any questions you may have along the way. Whether your style is traditional, modern, romantic, glamorous, rustic, southern belle, elegant antebellum, classic, vintage, shabby chic, or renaissance you’ll find everything you need to create your day your way.
  • If we don’t have the answers at our finger tip, we will research, and/or communicate with our other networked professionals to get the answers for you.


~ "Don't be afraid to ask?" ... Professional Assistance is Priceless ~


True and Yes ... it does cost to hire a professional Event Specialist, and/or Event Planner. However, when hiring a well

networked and connected professional you will recognize your savings in time and money in the total overall expense.

Be assured of its cost effectiveness, you will know your category expense allocations upfront, there maybe some

juggling requirements to keep you within the pre-established guidelines, but at the end of day you're there

(you're within budget).

MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...

Your memories of your wedding, and/or special event day are priceless, but you’re going to have to trust someone with those

priceless memories. So how much do you invest into someone else’s time, talent, and professional equipment? 

Our pricing reflects our years of experience in our craft, our utter passion for creating a stimulating works of art, and the

immense amount of time it takes to produce your very special event day, working with family, friends, co-workers, vendors,

site visits, travel, consultations, media, research, the detail correlations of the day, and of course the day of  management.   

We create weddings and events in a whole new light, each couple’s or client day will be uniquely personalized to them, as

seen through your eyes.  We keep things simple the day of the event.  

You sit back and just enjoy the day as it unfolds as we handle the moments and  minute details that make the day so special.

 We do all of this unobtrusively the day of your event as we hold each  job very close to our heart.

One of the greatest compliments we hear from our clients is: “we thought we would be stressed, but every time we had a

question, you had already taken care of it!”

Probably the most rewarding part of our job is the moment, the day of your event when we (and you ) witness the finished

product, and to see the smile on our clients face. 

We are well networked both in industry standards and social media, we frequent vendors and venues with visits and verbal

communications regularly, association organizational memberships are a plus for sharing, we are a breasted with industry

fashion, interior design, colors, and decor style trending.  



Event Planning and Coordinating - North America

Wedding and Corporate Events

Studio Location:  Nashville Tennessee Music Valley Opryland

Event Planning starting at $725.00


Help Me Plan Basic Plan Platium Plan


Customized Service Packages are available

Event Day Coordination Plan Price Range: starting at $725.00

Phone:  (615) 562.3535

Call for Wedding Planning and Consultation . Package Descriptions and Pricing

Call for Private and Special Events . Package Discussion and Pricing

Call for Wedding Day Coordination "Limited: . $725.00

Call for Offsite Decorations . Package Discussion and Pricing

Call for Draping and Lighting . Package Discussion and Pricing

Call for Candy Buffet . Package Theme Discussion and Pricing

Corporate Event Planning and Special Function Director

Call for Package Theme Discussion and Pricing

Prices are subject to change without notice ...

already booked clients will be grandfathered at current contract price

MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...


FAQ's about NEbD Consultant Services ...

MADE EASY ... It's by Design ...

Q. So, how long have you been coordinating weddings?
A. In a professional manner, technically, I’ve been planning events since 1996, after my mom church recruited me in 1995 to do a wedding (which was a total and complete success in so many ways). I was then working in Corporate America International Marketing, but I started to research because it interested me, started some training etc, joined the Tennessee Weddings and Events Specialist Association, Inc. and later did a couple of bridal shows with invitations and wedding accessories, getting the bug.  I left my job to do event planning in 1998, opened a bridal gown retail store in 1999.  I later joined several industry associations for networking and getting to know the industry, and having been a seated Tennessee Wedding and Events Specialist Association, Inc TWESA Board of Director for 8 years allowed me the opportunity to network with larger companies, gain the respect, support and educate more smaller companies.   I am a member of the Nashville Conventions and Visitors Bureau, Music Valley Merchants Association, as well as other Vendor, and Community Organizations.  Now, after closing my bridal retail store in 2012, here I am back full time with planning events, owner of a venue ballroom, a wedding chapel, and planning all types of events since 1996! 

Q. So, why weddings and events?
A. Oh gosh, why not Weddings, and special Events? I realized how beautiful and amazing it is to have so many people you love surround you because they want to share in the excitement of your marriage. It’s truly a day of sincerity and love, which, unfortunately, we don’t often hear about these days. A wedding day is a string of memories that you’ll cherish forever, and I simply enjoy being a part of those special and cherished memories, as well as I am pleased to be the person who ensures everything goes well.

Q. So, why do I need a wedding coordinator if I’m really organized anyway, or if my venue has an on-site coordinator?
A. Well, let me say this: I’m a very organized person, and when I was married our wedding venue had an on-site coordinator, and hiring a day-of coordinator/wedding planner was the best decision we made with our wedding day! Having that wedding day coordinator to organize and manage the day, created a comfort for me, and my family.  Being organized is wonderful, but your wedding day is the time to turn off your brain, set aside your spreadsheets, and let someone else take over so you can fully enjoy every detail and every moment with your friends, family and guests. Your family and friends are not contracted.  We’re also not fans of putting your family members to work on your wedding day because they should be relaxing and enjoying it right along with you.  Note:  On-site venue coordinators are wonderful, but they’re not fully dedicated to only you on the wedding day. Having someone there whose only goal is to make you happy is priceless. It truly does go by so fast – please hire a DOC so that you can take it all in, relax, and just enjoy the day!

Q. Our vendors plan on doing much of the set-up themselves. Do you oversee or boss them around?
A. Absolutely not. We firmly believe that you hire vendors for a reason, usually after interviews and a lot of research and reference-checking. They are professionals, and therefore, we have a strict policy that we do not boss around vendors. We work with vendors. We manage the event day to ensure correlated timelines, collaborations and excellence.  We act as a contact person for them if they have any questions or concerns, need something answered or maybe even need a helping hand. We help them do the best they can do for the event day.

Q. How would you handle an event day emergency?
 We are trained and well connected in the event and wedding industry. Help and Support is a simple telephone call away. We have had a couple of unplanned incidents, (for example a florist arrives and setup is completed, the florist leaves for the next job and cannot return - however it was discovered that the ceremony front floral arrange was missing, and was "not" on the original job spec, but the bride thought it was ordered, and this arrangement is a must have to complete her day.) A few phone calls were made within our network, recommended resources were made within the area. We telephoned a replacement florist to start the job, with a description of our needs. A bouquet was pulled for flower type, color sample, and we understood the size and style - off we went to assist the replacement florist.  Assuring the family that all would be well with the event. Everything went well, without a hitch. The bride never knew the full aspect, with parents approval, and event insurance, we were able to correct the problem within 45 minutes before time for the ceremony to start. When the doors open everything was perfect. We have also, had a groom to decease 3 days prior to a wedding day, we assisted the bride 100% not only with the event cancellation, and notices, but also with her grief, and funeral preparations. I am sure that you have hear that old clichéd "If anything, can go wrong, something will the day of your wedding".  We are prepared, we come with our index contacts, we also travel with an "Emergency Event Kit" that has been carefully assessed for unpredictable situations - our case consist of; spot removals in case of an accidental spill, water, aspirins, steamer for wrinkles, pins, tooth brush, first aid kit for the cut, needle and thread for the falling hem, our shoulders to lean on, and the kit contains so much more. We take pride in our old-fashioned Southern Hospitality that Nashville is famous for.  We come equipped with the tools, and prepared to ease the tension that sometime accompanies the big day.

Q. What if I only want a coordinator for part of the day? Do you offer that kind of service?
A. Unfortunately, Yes and No. And here’s why: A large portion of our fees go towards the work we do prior to the event to ensure perfection. Creating the timeline, understanding your wishes, event day itinerary, site visits, working with your vendors, and without having an intense understanding of the day could reflect poor judgment, and that reflects against our company. What we would need to charge you for a partial day would still be very close to the full day, and that just doesn’t seem fair, right? Therefore, we only book weddings that need, at the very minimum, day-of coordination for the full day; or a full ceremony "only" laid out
itinerary plan, or a full reception "only" laid out itinerary plan.  or both.  Exceptions can be made for smaller events and parties such as birthdays, showers and bachelor/bachelorettes.

Q. How involved are you with the wedding industry? Do you keep up with the trends?
A. Oh my, do I ever! I’m truly obsessed with wedding styles and fashion design.  I understand what style is best for specific body types, what is taboo for some facial structures and necklines.  We are well networked both in industry standards and social media, we frequent vendors and venues with visits and verbal communications regularly, organizational association memberships is a plus for sharing, we are a breasted with industry fashion, interior design, colors, and decor style trending.  We were a bridal retail store owner and manager for 12.5 years, owner of a prior fashion magazine and producer, we have done fashion shoots, we were the publisher and editor, university public speaker to various organizations on "Corporate America vs. Entrepreneurship and What's your Choice?", many television appears on local television channels WKRN-2, WSMV4, WTVF5, and WZTV6-Fox regarding community affairs, producer for aired bridal and formal fashion shows. Our company was the 1st to bring Brides Against Breast Cancer on the road national tour to Nashville Tennessee.  We also have attended national Bridal Retail Markets as a buyer and new fashion Runway Shows as a critic, as well as we were a part of a USA bridal co-op progam designing and recommending styles, and working direct with overseas factories for bridal gowns, formal attire, and accessories.  We have been a Pageant Judge, and a seated board of director for Tennessee Wedding and EventsSpecialist Association, Inc for 8 years, to mention a few of our accomplishments.

Q. If we hire you for wedding planning, does that mean you’ll charge me for any advice that we ask for, or any additional meetings?
A. No and Yes. I truly believe that when you hire a coordinator/planner, they should make themselves fully available to you, especially in times of crisis. I want to help you during those difficult times. I want to be a sounding board if you’re caught between two decisions. Sometimes it’s helpful to just have that outside perspective, and I’m more than available to help, if you need an emergency meeting, I’ll do my best to arrange scheduled meetings at no charge. Unfortunately yes, there is an additional charge only (if) hours of investment has become obsessive, early mornings and/or late evening, or holidays.  I am sure however that with our critiqued event scheduling that most crisis will be prevented,  and we will manage around those exceptions with controlled, and scheduled appointments that will provide us with adequate time to resolve any situation that might be encountered.

Q. What are your interests outside weddings?
A. I love all things vintage, bling, elegant designs, and Anthropology.  I love wine tasting. Day trips to the countryside, ocean side breeze, and the beach.  Real simple, interior and fashion design, and technical magazine readings. Sewing ... many things artistry and working with my hands, and being creative. Trying new recipes. Spending time with that adorable husband of mine; family, friends and our pets "a temperamental" chocolate Poodle and "a protective" black Labrador Retriever (which are both adorable).




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